Train lines and their service frequencies in the Netherlands


PDF Version (including map of night trains on 2nd page):

Translation of map key:

  • Thin continuous line: 1 train per hour (at least Monday through Friday between 7am and 8pm)
  • Thick continuous line: at least 2 trains per hour (ditto)
  • Thick non-continuous line: 2 trains per hour during rush hours (7am-9am and 4pm-6pm). This means 0 trains per hour outside the rush hours (it’s usually an extension of a line or an extra rush hour service)
  • Half continuous / half non-continuous line: 1 train per hour outside rush hours, 2 trains per hour during rush hours.

Every train line I know continues service until at least midnight and starts around 5:30am or 6am (outside the weekends, but the frequency may be lower. Use if you wish to travel by public transport in the Netherlands or just want to experiment a bit, for more precise hours.

The small white dots have to interrupt the line to have the train stop there. If there’s nothing or just a black line through it the train doesn’t stop at that station. Every passing train stops at the stations with their name in a big white box.

I favorite this.